Back on the bank – 6 July 2020

Back out on the bank carp fishing last Sunday searching for that next UK PB! Over the years fishing has brought me more than just a past time hobby. It’s even been more for me than the excitement of getting that run after hours, sometimes days of perseverance, trying different baits, freezer or shelf life, what size hook bait, how much to bait up, what type/length of rig for each venue I visit, spod vs bait boat and about 100 other debates I’ve had with myself and others trying to improve my skills and learn as much as I can.

As you all will know once fishing captures your attention, you become hooked (Pun intended), it has a hold over you that keeps you interested for years and years. And costs you an arm and a leg!!! On top of all of this great stuff, for me personally, the hours you spend staring at the water moving on the surface, or the wildlife sounds around you, practising watercraft to find fish and having a laugh with your good friends that you fish with. That time has allowed me to self reflect on a level I never would have been able to without having this hobby.

I’m really thankful for the people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had in my life so far, but when fishing you can take time to pause any stresses in your life and clear your mind and figure out the answers to things you just cant when on the go. It’s also inspired me with the help of someone really important in my life to start a Fishing retail business, which is still in progress and I’ll need lots of support in but am confident Hooked Gear will work! Every day we become closer to being ready to launch.For those of you that have read this all, I’d love to hear your stories and find out how carp or any other type of fishing has impacted your lives.

No bites on this session! I blame the weather being too hot! My mate had a couple fish in though which was great to see a bend in the rod.

Stay safe & Tight lines – HG!

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